Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Scam / Spam Mail - Well-paid job , id _ (P1307510981866220V)

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Good time of a day !

Our managers study EU HR database containing potential job applicants' resumes and it was on one of the aforementioned resources that we came across your contacts and decided to offer you one of our vacancies. 

We would like to offer you a role as an agent in the financial department. The company is offering you the chance to participate in a trial distance-learning course which will allow you to learn about financial overseas operations in Europe and will put you in a position to apply for a post in a large company.  

For the period of the trial course we would offer you: 
- salary plus bonuses for correct implementation of the manager's instructions; 
- work for 2-4 h per working day, 3-5 days each week over the course of 1 working month; 
- interaction with interesting people and work in a professional team; 
- support from a senior manager should any difficulties arise.

For more information, please reply to :

Best wishes,
HR department
We're looking forward to a long-term cooperation

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